Oil Paintings

Oil paintings can be in many different styles but it is a century old technique that is still going strong. Oil paintings are appealing to the eye because of the rich and bright colors. Oils are easily adaptable to the needs of the artist.  Oil paintings stand the test of time. Different centuries have led to the application of oils in different techniques. I use an old and tested method of applying oils like the Renaissance artists, using fat over lean and working in layers and glazing to build up the painting from a toned underlayer to finished glazing.

I also use the oil technique of impasto. In this technique, paint is added on the surface very thickly with a slow drying time. Impasto is a technique that allows for light to reflect on a painting in a different manner. The artist can use the Impasto technique to create different light effects. The impasto technique also adds expression to a painting and the viewer is able to notice the strokes of the brush or painting knife to determine the passion and speed of the artist. The richness of Impasto imparts a texture to the painting. I also use oil painting to paint nature and landscapes.

Hence, oil painting is my favorite technique because it creates a three-dimensional view of nature and the world around us. Oil is a challenging technique that is worth learning and applying. I also like the fact that oil painting is permanent and can survive longer than my life expectancy. 

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