Rossi, Fine Artist

Lately I have been inspired by metallic colors such as gold and silver. I am also trying to create abstract interpretations of the sea. I am currently working on tile surfaces. I am still inspired by the beauty and complexity of the sea. The complexity of the values, color, depth and intensity of the ocean waves and the temperature of the sea intrigue me.  I like to paint abstract Images of landscapes using impressionist techniques which I apply to abstract art.  

          In my process, I search for patterns and images that I find challenging that have a marine or ocean theme. I take these images and create paintings using the abstract techniques. The subject of my work is what I see using colors, shapes, sizes, scales, brushstrokes and process.  The nonrepresentational art that I create has a message of peace and calm. I spend two months creating my pieces of artwork. Lately, I have been testing new surfaces other than canvas. I had to learn new techniques to work with Plexiglass. I had to switch from the oil medium to acrylics, acrylic gel mediums and texture acrylics to work on Plexiglass. I have been challenged to learn to create art in new surfaces and mediums and to attempt to apply oil painting techniques to the acrylic mediums to create mixed media abstractions. I have been influenced by Wassily Kadinsky, Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, Joan Miro and Robert Delaunay.

My philosophy is that art is a personal expression of careful observations of a subject which leads to the physical and emotional response to what the artist sees. My goal for the future is to transfer the knowledge I have acquired through the years to the younger generations. I will like to expand to use some of the proceeds from my artistic creations to help the fight against cancer.  I will like to expand to the business-to-business market to accomplish this goal.  My techniques and style is to paint what I see using the techniques of the old masters including Impressionism and Abstract Art. I have also worked in photo-realism but I prefer to return to abstract art.