Crystal Cave table

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Crystal Cave Table - Furnitures

My artwork is an unique, one-of-a-kind work that is special and unique. This work is unique in that it cannot be recreated and you will take pride in owning a piece of art that is special and unique. It is created with the latest techniques of Resin, Quartz gems,Crystal gems, acrylic pigments, liquid gold leaf, liquid silver painting. So what?

  • The image was created resin, Quartz gems, Quartz gems, liquid gold, silver and give the feeling of vanity and pride of owning a piece of art created with metallic colors.
  • The color scheme included gold,  quartz gems, liquid golds, liquid silvers, some warm colors such as orange, yellows, greens and crystal blue. 
  • As a collector, you would be the envy of your friends and feel the pride of owning a unique, one-of-a-kind work that is unique and special.
  • Art will increase in value with time
  • Art makes your home beautiful
  • Art makes your office beautiful
  • Art color scheme can be coordinated with rooms in your home
  • Art fills occupational voids and distracts from thoughts of illness
  • Art improves well being by decreasing negative emotions and increasing positive ones
  • Art improves medical outcomes trends toward reduced depression
  • Art reduces stress and anxiety and increases positive emotions
  • Art improves in flow and spontaneity, expression of grief, positive identity, and social networks
  • Art creates real positive physical effects in your body

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Medium: Wood Furniture table, Resin, Quartz Style: Abstract, Size: Table with top (19.5 inches x 35 inches) Heigh 15 inches x Width 18.75 inches.